Beside the 1,5 km long sandy beach, there are some beautiful smaller beaches, all located in the big bay of Sutomore. In bay-areas, hardly to reach, there are also nudist beaches. The environment is very nice. The small town is surrounded with high mountains (about 1200m), which are covered with woods and wide oil-tree fields. Thanking its optimal position in the middle of the coast of Montenegro, Sutomore is a good starting point for all kind of trips. Also because of the new tunnel Sozine, which goes directly from Sutomore through the coast mountains into the backcountry. This new street tunnel is connecting Sutomore with Podogorica, and so the trip with the car to the capital now just lasts about 40 minutes.

By booking our apartments in Montenegro you have many advantages. The national railway coming from Belgrade over the capital of Montenegro -Podgorica- is getting through the high mountains at the coast just over Sutomore. This two connections are the reason why Sutomore has got so popular as a tourist place. The town has a few big supermarkets, a larger number of smaller supermarkets, a green market (fruit and vegetable) working every day, as well as a lot of souvenir markets along the beach promenade. Furthermore there are about five major hotels, a lot of restaurants, beach bars, nightclubs, post office, hospital (main hospital is in the neighbour town Bar (6km)), churches, train station, bus- and taxi station and all other important tourist institutions.

In the main season July and August, Sutomore is full of young tourists and the town is very busy. The beaches are full, music is played until 1 o'clock in the morning. This period is ideal for those who like the fun of a active beach holiday in a very warm climate (average 30°C in July-August). The sea is warm (average 26°C in July-August). A lot of beach services are offered in this period, like jet-skiing, water-skiing, wild trip on the banana aso. In September and October the main season is getting to its end. This period is ideal for all those, who really want to take a break of their job-life in their home-countries. The beaches are not full anymore, there is no music played, only few bars along the beach promenade and restaurants are opened. The temperature is still very pleasant (average 27°C), as well as the water temperature (average 24°C). Taxi Boats are driving in the months July-August-September to all major beaches and towns along the coast of Montenegro. A good possibility to see major parts of the coast from the sea. This boats are making breaks at very nice beaches for swimming and at larger towns like Petrovac, Sveti Stefan and Budva for a short shopping trip.

The tourists at the beaches can choose between a larger number of nice beach bars with different kind of music and a large assortment of national and international drinks. Some beach bars play national life music. For a small fee deckchairs and sunshades are available directly at the beach. Holiday in Sutomore is possible over the whole year. The summer season begins about the 1st of May and ends about the end of October. In May and June the landscape is very green and a lot of flowers can be seen. This period is ideal for walks into the mountains around Sutomore, visiting the three historical ruins Nehaj, Haj and Ratac or for longer car-trips into the country. Montenegro is a small country, so that you can get within 3-4 hours to every important sight of the country, like Lake Skutari, Mountain Lovcen, River Tara, Bay of Kotor, National Parks -Durmitor- and -Biogradska Jezera- or the formal capital Cetinje.

Whatever your imagination of your personal perfect holiday in Montenegro is, Family Begovic will do everything possible, that your stay in our nice house and country will be unforgettable. We are always available, so that we can give advice and help, whatever your whish or problem is.

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